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Prayer Life

Anglicans observe a threefold rule of prayer centering on the Eucharist (Mass), the Daily Office, and Personal Devotions. Martin Thornton, an Anglican priest and theologian, said,
“The Eucharist is the living heart of the Body of Christ… the Daily Office is its continual beat or pulse… and personal devotions are the circulation of the blood which gives life and strength to all its members.”
When practiced with faith and charity, the threefold rule opens our hearts to the fullness of God’s grace in our daily life. Consider developing a personal rule of prayer with these resources:

  • Sundays 

    • 8:00 am (English)

      • Emmanuel Chapel (1300 E. Shaw #174, Fresno, CA 93710)

    • 1:30 pm (English) & 5:00 pm (Spanish)

      • Campus Bible Church (222 E Fountain Way, Fresno, CA 93704)

  • Weekdays

    • 8:00 am (English), Monday-Friday

    • 6:00 pm (Bilingual), Wednesday

      • Emmanuel Chapel (1300 E. Shaw #174, Fresno, CA 93710)

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